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Tiffany goodwin catches foul ball while holding 8 Tiffany goodwin was enjoying the richmond flying squirrels game at the diamond on sunday with her three kids when a foul ball came her way.While holding her 8-Month-Old son jerry, goodwin reached out with her left hand and caught it. "We were on our way to the game sunday and my husband(Allen)Said he's been waiting 38 years and never caught a foul ball.I told him, Ear Nails 'maybe you'll get a chance today, '"She said. Too many facts are missing:Nowhere does it say what section the goodwin's were in?First base side, or third base side, or directly behind plate?Who hit the foul ball?Was it a towering popup?Was it caught on the bounce?What inning? Ok, let's get real:What percentage of women wear gloves to games?What percentage of women carrying a baby where gloves to games.What kowz Rings percentage of women wearing gloves to games and carrying a baby have even the chance to snag a real live ball(Notcounting bp or just some player or coach tossing it to them)?


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