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Do i have to pay ascap Do i have to pay ascap I fork over ascap.Why should i also pay sesac and bmi?If feels like the ground covered by ascap takes care of what i need and the others become. Is a nonprofiT 501(T)(3)Required to discover a bmi/ascap lisense?I have been told businesses must purchase license (click here) from bmi and ascap whenever. I wrote a song i wrote a song for a famous music singer and dancer with a famous music producer who owned his. What is considered ascap?Back not long ago, i was very needed to planning class reunions for our alumni association.Issue came up about broadcasting music at events, and we contacted ascap for Buy Pandora response. To be able to their response, if they have told event that is open to the public, the facility that hosts the event must obtain a broadcast license for the event.Although, if you would like to event in a private banquet room with only invited guests, then no license ought to be required.A big difference is if you are broadcasting to the public, or to a non-Public group. At the very least, if you plan to work at a local bar or tavern for an evening that is open to the public, it is the business that has to discover the broadcast permit, not that we.It is part of their cost of offering such an event to the population.


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