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Business as usual Business as usual Rss is the supporter of erstwhile rajas and their mini rajwadas what mayawati has come up with would surely lead to that situation in the future.I would not be surprised if she wins the elections with a thumping majority based on this pro rss up balkanization plan. Stop bashing rss just because you hate them and rajwadas were always held up by nehru and now congress has many ministers, mps and mlas far cheapest price for rajwadas. Your working area understands argument is based on your communal mindset. Bjp is of the view that smaller states are really simple to govern and not what you claim.The day the rss accepts muslims in its fold and grants them due realization, i would jump to sign up with it, but i kow investment decision you won't. Don't forget national 22nd, 2011 using 6:01 pm Rss is communal no doubt but it isn't really (more here) anti india.From a muslim, tactic joke. It's not necessarily a casteist org.Since there are many dalits and obcs in its click here to see more info top leadership. The day muslims start accepting india as their own rrnstead of saudi and pakistan, rss more than likely to accept them.The muslims are passes away, look while in. Abu ahmed response: Nov 22nd, 2011 in 8:34 pm The first business Pandora 2014 UK which spoke of 2 nations in un divided india was the hindu mahasabha much before jinnah took the idea up.Improve your history buddy.1857 Ghadar is the perfect example of Hindu Muslim unity after that the British took upon themselves to divide Hindus and Muslims to serve their interests.Pakistan was a spot for indian muslims till the 50s.Appropriate 1965, pakistan ceased to be a alternative for indian muslims.Saudi arabia was not ever, rewind, never a place for indian muslims to relax.We bow before until the kaaba, which has been geographically in makkah, sa, but not before any politics entity.Doubting the references of indian muslims has become very old practice of the rss, that is why it's called an anti india org muslims do value their identity wherever they are, which is their survival instinct, anything and nothing less.Muslims are extremely patriotic they are being demonized in america to serve some interests, i'm talking about all.All the way through kargill, additional indian muslim soldiers sacrificed their lives for their country, much more than their proportion in the army that is enough proof of their patriotism and love of the us.Extremists may go on overcoming their drums against indian muslims and islam;They can achieve their limited goals, but relating to fighting for the country, indian muslims are the initial in the firing line to face the enemy.The first person to see hindus and muslims as two separate nation was syed ahmed khan who built amu. Rss/mahasabha was a later retaliatory movement. Before 1857, hindus muslims faught together against brits and hindus being large hearted installed bahaduyr shah zafar as king but muslims after 1858 in order to side with brits under syed ahmed khan. It was muslim league who picked up ideology of syed ahmed khan and even before mahasabha was born the thought of pakistan was articulated by mohammad ali and then iqbal. Living while in just 1946, 90% of muslims of undivide india voted for muslim league supporting pakistan. These are all heritage facts.I am not saying that all muslims have the effect of partition.Ended up few greats like ashfaque ulla khan but muslims marginalized such great patriots.


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