Tiffany Browse Key Rings moon mylar balloons

Tastic true blood halloween party Get your party started by decorating with crescent Tiffany Browse Key Rings moon mylar balloons, vampire cocktail napkins, coffin shaped silverware, and a blood-Soaked tablecloth.Then buy your guests a few tricks and treats!We suggest the newest true blood comic and either gummy or plastic vampire fangs! 2.Make kowz a true blood playlist! True blood is known for it fist-Pumping soundtrack, so browse through the playlists from each episode and make a mix of your favorite spooky songs! 3.Pick your favorite episodes to re-Watch!Assign yourself the arduous task of re-Watching every single true blood episode and then pick your all-Time faves to show at your party!How about the season finale?After all, it takes place on all hallows eve! 4.Come in costume!Dressing up as your favorite true blood character is a requirement for all halloween parties, but are you having a hard time spray tanning a six pack?Check out our costume ideas for jason, pam, sookie, russell edgington, godmother claudine and marnie! 5.Plan your party games!Parties are always more fun with games, so we suggest a good ol fashioned hickey-Off.Since we can legally drink blood from our besties, this is as close as it gets!If you looking for something a little less sexy, how about pin the pinkie ring on king bill?You can go wrong.


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