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Gettysburg finance Mother of the Bride Dresses Australia director escorted from office after shredding Former gettysburg finance director ramona overton was escorted from the borough building by a staff member after it was discovered that she was shredding documents, borough council president michael birkner said wednesday. Overton resigned this week, along with borough manager florence ford and accountant karen teel.But at least ford and overton had planned to remain in their posts until early september in hopes of easing the borough's transition to a new staff. Overton acknowledged shredding a payroll document tuesday morning, saying she didn't want to throw out something with employees' social security numbers on it.She added that she had no shredder in her office and shredded the document at an open workspace. "I would never destroy property of the borough,"Overton said. "I never put personal info in the garbage to find.It's not necessary and it's just what we accountants do. " The resignations came after the council began asking questions about the 2012 fiscal year's $250, 000 deficit, the first seen by the borough in five years.Birkner said the deficit inquiry led to complaints of"Micromanagement. " "It's the job of the council to ask questions, and they did not appreciate them asking questions,"Birkner said. "I'm sad and regretful that it came to this, but i wasn't shocked that this was the end. " The council unanimously voted monday evening to begin accepting bids for a financial consultant to advertisement Review the 2012 fiscal year.Birkner said that while the 2013 budget has yet to be addressed, a review might still be on the table. After consulting with several council members and the borough solicitor tuesday, birkner said he, along with councilwoman rebecca brown, handed overton a letter tuesday afternoon informing her that she was to be escorted from the building. "I stand behind the decision, no question,"Birkner said. "I did confirm with several council members and the mayor, and michael birkner(File photo) Given the time factor here, i had to Wedding Dresses http://www.dpmp.com.au/ do something. " Birkner said he also consulted with the borough solicitor before making a decision.It is often customary for businesses to remove an employee from a position early when they have access to sensitive documents, he added. Overton said she knew removal was a common practice in large companies, but couldn't see the logic, since most of the information she worked with was public record. "They told me a police officer would escort me from the building but i said that wasn't necessary and just grabbed the pictures off of my walls,"Overton said. "What's hurtful is that it just seems to show another level of distrust.I had hoped to help with the transition. " Ford, who is on vacation this week, said overton's removal was a loss for the borough. "Does she make mistakes?Sure.Do we all?You bet,"Ford said. "But i've never worked with a more dedicated individual. " Ford said her own decision to leave came was prompted by understaffing and 50hour work weeks. Birkner agreed with ford, saying borough management"Has been ignored for possibly years"Something he hoped the council will address. Birkner said he had no word on whether or not ford would also be removed from her position before she returns to work monday.Restaurant chain responds to claimswest manheim man charged for pot, pillsconewago police id driver in highspeed chasedistrict justice records for tuesday, september 17mcsherrystown man wants to buy 'goat lake' police and fire logs for monday, september 16gettysburg halloween, christmas parades in jeopardy man charged after pa.Cheerleader fight at gameflag mutilation case continued in adams county courthelmetswinging investigation 'a work in progress' Lineboro md(Rentals)New oxford(Rentals)Avail now: (Rentals)S.Of(Rentals)Large 7(Rentals)All listings.


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