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Material about jordan ranch Politics nation now politics now the surface of the ticket science science now obituaries world world now afghanistan war africa americas asia europe middle east business money co.Top of the ticket readers' rep shop daily deals travel offers weekly circulars offers deals sports gear la times product see more member center alerts newsletters jobs cars property rentals weekly circulars local directory place ad Jordan ranch a local requirement In regards to gov.Pete wilson's"Unusual treatment"In the proposed jordan ranch evolution, what an exaggeration!Wilson claims"We're not being strong nike:http://www.skillya.net/ armed, he states"The jordan ranch project is far more preferred than something might come down the pike 10 years from now, wilson, in aide richard sybert,"Is not trying to bypass local control over the project, then what is wilson doing?Perhaps he should resolve state business, where he should be an decide on party. Weblog posts by date Wilson's movement ties outweigh sense Sept 3, 1995 Doesn't have gov.Wilson found his lesson?Of 1991, wilson supported swapping 59 acres of a local national park so comedian bob hope could develop his eco sensitive jordan ranch.Wilson was criticized for trying to set a precedent of trading public parkland to allow rich developers.After hope was lambasted in the press and common customer, jordan ranch was saved paid for by analysis fund(Land and water resource efficiency fund)Set up to meet such properties.Jordan ranch was saved despite wilson. The nike jordans ranch backed July 17, 1990 Through the jordan ranch project there is a strong possibility that we can get a lot of open space donated to the santa monica mountains for public use if we act as responsible people instead of selfish people who have all they want.I were living in the conejo valley for 20 years and have seen a lot of wonderful growth.A number of growth has been less than acceptable.Gradually we have learned what is good and what is abused.The jordan ranch development is by far one we recommend land uses i have seen. Foothills conservancy:Sellout or messiah? Thinking about receiving 29, 1995 Joe edmiston continues his dog and pony show while the public is forced to take extraordinary measures to counteract the conservancy's deals to make sure protection for parklands and wildlife in the santa monica mountains.The conservancy according to mr.Edmiston's direction has crafted deal after deal in which it supports exemptions to the county general plan or the coastal plan, giving developers a greatly increased number of buildings in substitution for donations of land that usually could not have been developed anyway because of the geologic constraints. Wilson wondered on jordan ranch April 3, 1991 Having followed the jordan ranch drama over the past three years, i find it quite amusing to see the character to enter the scene, gov.Pete wilson, mouthing arguments that other supporter abandoned years ago.I refer specially to the one that goes"If we don't allow this development to go forward, a far worse one might happen in time, what slow poppycock!If bob believe, the specialised golfers assn, the arizona based and well connected potomac investment associates, the director of the santa monica reams conservancy, secretary of the lining manuel lujan and pete wilson himself can't get their way with jordan ranch, then what ordinary mortal developer would even bother to try later in life? Conveniences jordan ranch March 1, 1991 I recently went on a tour of the jordan ranch property and i was quite surprised by how much of good, developable land that is being offered as an exchange for the park service land that would be necessary to make a effective and safe road into the developed area.As perhaps the tour, we also went along to cheeseboro canyon, via its current entrance and also its offered entrance, and you can be assured that the current entrance is quite inferior to the entrance and amenities being proposed in the land swap. Oak playground:100 Attend auditory on Jordan Ranch Sept 18, cheap jordans shoes for sale 1991 maia davis More than 100 people crowded into the meeting of the oak park municipal advisory council tuesday night for what may be their last chance to speak publicly about the jordan ranch development before an upcoming vote by the ventura county board of administrators.The council treated the discussion as a extension of the public meeting held about jordan ranch three weeks ago.


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